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Dwyane Wade signs lifetime deal with Li-Ning

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Dwyane Wade has signed a lifetime contract with Chinese athletic brand, Li-Ning.

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Dwyane Wade has been with Chinese shoe brand, Li-Ning since 2012 after leaving Jordan Brand. There he worked in conjunction with the company to create the “Way of Wade” brand. Wade, who has been involved in fashion for years has spoken openly about wanting to leave a legacy in the industry. Well, he’s that much close after signing a lifetime deal with the brand during his stay in China.

The financial compensation of the deal hasn’t been disclosed, but it’s probably in the tens of millions of dollars according to the Associated Press.

In a report by Tim Reynolds of the Associated Press, Wade has this to say about the deal:

On building a legacy:

“This was something I needed to do from the standpoint of building something,” “That’s what I set out to do. This word we all talk about, legacy, I tried to set out to build a legacy for myself and my family. And after six years of that, it’s cool to be here today.”

On whether or not he’ll be wearing the shoes on an NBA court next season:

“When I get back from China, I’ll focus on that,” “Right now, I’m focused on the game after basketball. Whatever happens in basketball, it happens. I’ve done everything that I can to this point to put myself that I’m in this position I am today, where I can do something that hasn’t been done globally yet. The basketball will take care of itself. I’ll sit down and figure that out once I get back from this tour at some point.”