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Which Heat player can drop 50 points in a game this season?

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Offense brings in fans and sells jerseys in today’s NBA, as fans crave the excitement of high-scoring contests.

NBA: Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

For the Miami Heat and NBA franchises in general, season ticket holders are the financial cornerstone of the team’s survival and prosperity.

What draws fans into the arenas are players like James Harden, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, who can score 40 points or more in a game and are exciting to watch with the ball in their hands.

In 2015 the Heat picked Justise Winslow over a defenseless Devin Booker, yet today Booker is in the Team USA camp, and received a $158M extension by the Phoenix Suns.

Which Heat player on the current roster can drop 50 points in a game to sell season tickets for the AA Arena and player jerseys?

Perhaps Dion Waiters, who made a dramatic basket against the Golden State Warriors, and has never saw a shot he doesn’t like.

Or Josh Richardson, if he wasn’t so passive most of the time on offense and “tends to shy away from contact on both ends of the floor”, per a college scouting report.

Goran Dragic scored over 30 points in a game several times, but at his age gets visibly tired later on in games.

Tyler Johnson and Wayne Ellington exploded for 12+ points in a quarter several times, but neither consistently made enough attempts per game to score over 40 points, let alone 50.

I like Derrick Jones Jr. for his athletic ability and potential, but his scouting report points out Jones Jr. doesn’t seem comfortable handling the ball, and prefers passing it as soon as possible.

“He certainly has the elite first step and acceleration to beat guys off the dribble in a straight line, he just doesn’t have any real ball skills in his repertoire at the moment if his initial move is cut off. He shies away from taking even two dribbles anywhere on the court, looking to pass right away in transition or shoot as quickly as possible within the arc even if it means a tough floater after catching in the midrange.”

As a side note Jahlil Okafor is a walking (he doesn’t run) disaster on defense, yet he can make buckets.

Without going through the entire squad, this middling Heat team has many players with heart, grit, and likability, but few to bring in season ticket holders as in the days of prime Dwyane Wade.