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Heat executive apologizes for Twitter posts teasing ‘big news’

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The posts actually teased the NBA’s schedule release.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat - Game Four Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Did you see these posts from the Miami Heat’s official Twitter account, teasing “big news”?

As it turned out, the “seriously big news” was just the release of the Miami Heat’s 2018-19 schedule. No big trade. No Dwyane Wade announcement that he would re-sign. Just the NBA announcing the full schedule before training camp begins. And this came after the Heat have had a quiet off-season — their biggest “move” was re-signing Wayne Ellington on a one-year contract.

In response to criticism from fans, Heat executive Michael McCullough apologized for the tweets.

If the Heat really do have “seriously big news,” it probably won’t come from the team’s official Twitter account. That’s what Adrian Wojnarowski is for.