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Heat officials expect Udonis Haslem to return for 16th season

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Though nothing is finalized, reports indicate that the captain is expected to return for his 16th season.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Udonis Haslem is the true definition of a Heat “Lifer”, he’s spent his entire career with the team and truly embodies the Heat Culture. Though hardly seeing the floor in recent seasons, Haslem has embraced the role of mentor to Miami’s younger players and remained in phenomenal shape.

While nothing is signed just yet, The Associated Press’ write Tim Reynolds has revealed that Udonis and Heat officials have been in discussions over the last few days. He also revealed that they are convinced he will return for a 16th season.

This will be interesting as Wade and Haslem have mentioned finishing up their career together on multiple occasions, and it looks like this might be it. However, despite reports Wade hasn’t committed to a 16th season yet either...even though both of them look ready to compete for another year.

Expect more news in the coming days. What do you guys thing? If everything works out, will you happy to see Udonis back in Miami?