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Challenge: $15 to make the best Heat team

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Let’s have a little fun here...

Oklahoma City Thunder v Miami Heat - Game Five

A little slow on Miami Heat news? Let’s have a little bit of fun. We’ve all seen these before. You’ve got $15 to make the best All-Time Miami Heat roster...who are you taking?

You’ll notice that most of the players to choose from are guys that spent several years here, or they have some sentimental value to us. Is someone left out? Probably, but that doesn’t matter. This is what you have to choose from.

Please note, when you select a player, you are selecting that player based on their skill and age when they played for the Heat. For example, if you select Shaq, you are not getting 28 year old Shaq, you are getting 32-35 year old Shaq.

So, here’s the roster choices, let’s hear what you can do!

Point Guard
$1 — Bimbo Coles
$2—Mario Chalmers
$3—Jason Williams
$4—Goran Dragic
$5—Tim Hardaway

Shooting Guard
$1 — Voshon Leonard
$2—Dan Majerle
$3—Steve Smith
$4—Eddie Jones
$5—Dwyane Wade

Small Forward
$1 — James Jones
$2—Caron Butler
$3—Jamal Mashburn
$4—Glen Rice
$5—LeBron James

Power Forward
$1 — Antione Walker
$2—Michael Beasley
$3—Udonis Haslem
$4—P.J. Brown
$5—Chris Bosh

$1 — Brian Grant
$2—Rony Seikaly
$3—Hassan Whiteside
$4—Shaquille O’Neal
$5—Alonzo Mourning

So...let’s hear your rosters!