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Heat players participate in “#RemyWorkouts” pick up game

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Heat players continue offseason workouts in preparation for training camp.

NBA: Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp might be around the corner, but Miami Heat players aren’t waiting around to get in shape. A YouTube video posted by ballislife, shows Tyler Johnson, Derrick Jones Jr, and Hassan Whiteside getting work in at the Remy Workouts. Other notable NBA players who attended were Lonnie Walker, Rudy Gay, Malik Newman and Marcus Morris.

One of the main things Heat fans will notice in the video is the work Hassan Whiteside is doing in the key. To keep it simple, he looks a lot healthier than he did in April.

Tyler Johnson’s shoulder injury from the playoffs didn’t seem to be a problem either as he’s shown draining a ton of jumpers.

Derrick Jones Jr showed signs of an expanded game showing off some floaters, mid range jumpers and dribbling skills with flashes of his usual above the rim dominance.

The run is worth a watch, especially for those really missing Miami Heat basketball.