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Draft change may give Heat break

According to recent reports, the NBA may not change the “one-and-done” rule until 2022.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In June, I discussed how the NBA sent teams a memo just prior to the 2018 Draft letting them know that the league’s “one-and-done” policy for draft eligibility could end as soon as 2021. The Heat traded away their unprotected 2021 first-round pick for Goran Dragic, potentially removing them from the top talent in a draft loaded with talent from two consecutive high school classes.

But it looks like the NBA won’t change the policy until 2022, giving Miami a break.

The Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson said that the Heat did not lobby the NBA to delay implementing the rule until 2022. But in any case, Pat Riley is probably happy that his 2015 trade won’t cost him six years later.