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Dion Waiters unlikely to be ready for season opener according to Pat Riley

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Waiters won’t be ready for training camp despite being in the later stages of his rehab.

NBA: Miami Heat at Atlanta Hawks Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Waiters isn’t ready yet. After undergoing season-ending ankle surgery in January, there was some speculation that Dion would be ready to participate in the Miami Heat training camp. That’s not the case. Waiters is currently rehabbing the injury and was seen doing on court work in July.

It’s safe to say he’s getting closer, but the Heat aren’t taking chances after losing him to this injury two seasons in a row. With Dwyane Wade back, there isn’t any reason to rush a Waiters’ return. Pat Riley made this very clear in his statements yesterday.

I for one think it’s good thing not to rush Waiters back, though I am excited for his eventual return. What do you guys think? Did you think he’d be ready for training camp? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.