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Miami Heat rumored to be interested in a Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade reunion

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Karl-Anthony Towns news makes a trade for Butler by Timberwolves almost an inevitable conclusion.

NBA: Orlando Magic at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat were among the teams mentioned by Adrian Wojnarowski pursuing a Jimmy Butler trade.

“The list of organizations interested in talking further with Minnesota is significant, league sources said: Brooklyn [Nets], Detroit [Pistons], Houston [Rockets], the LA Clippers, Miami and Philadelphia [76ers] are among the teams interested in probing for deals.”

The max deal for Karl-Anthony Towns suggests the Minnesota Timberwolves main priority going forward is to feature Towns and Andrew Wiggins without any locker room distractions or drama.

For the Heat Butler going elsewhere after this season frees up $20 million in cap space to sign a free agent next summer and give development time to Bam Adebayo, possibly Derrick Jones Jr. and other young prospects.

With Towns and Wiggins set as their core unit, Minnesota needs help at the shooting guard position, where Miami has a surplus of players.

A trade of Tyler Johnson and Rodney McGruder for Butler might help both teams for different reasons.

McGruder and TJ are the hardworking type of men Tom Thibodeau prefers, as well as being solid presences in the locker room the Wolves management craves due to the huge financial commitment for their frontcourt players.

For Miami, a Butler swap would exchange two good players for one All-Star, who also happens to be a friend of Dwyane Wade.

Should Butler not stay in Miami after this season, then the Heat have cap space to get into the room with the 2019 class of free agents.

Assuming Wade and Haslem retire in 2019, then Butler leaving gives Miami three open roster spaces to develop future prospects next season and thereafter.

Probably the Timberwolves will get better offers from other teams, but a Butler trade makes sense for Miami to brake out of the bind their current contracts put them in, while also fielding a competitive team for this season.

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