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Bam Adebayo shows new repertoire at Heat training camp

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Adebayo said he’s trying to play like James Johnson.

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Miami Heat coaching staff wanted Bam Adebayo to expand his offensive game this off-season. Thus far in training camp, his teammates are noticing.

In Anthony Chiang’s article above, Hassan Whiteside says that Adebayo has taken more jumpers and is “getting out on breaks, pushing it.” The Heat sophomore said that he’s trying to be more like James Johnson.

Adebayo even said that he’s worked on his 3-point shooting. He worked with Rasheed Wallace over the summer. According to Johnson, he’s shown a lot more confidence.

Even a modest increase in Adebayo’s offensive abilities would be a welcome sign for Heat fans. Last season, the then-rookie was a reliable player rolling to the basket for alley-oops and scoring around the basket. But a mid-range jumper from Adebayo would usually prompt a cringe from Miami’s coaching staff.

If Adebayo can grab a rebound and move the ball up-court, he can create scoring opportunities against a discombobulated defense. If he showcases a respectable jump-shot, Miami’s floor spacing will vastly improve when he’s on the floor. We’ll begin to see what he can do in Miami’s opening preseason game Sept. 30.