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Bucks delete Heat, 124-86

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Despite a strong start, the Heat completely unravelled for their worst loss of the season.

NBA: Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter:

The Heat opened the game up with a defensive stop and Hassan score. In fact, it would be all Whiteside for the first few minutes with him grabbing rebounds, blocking shots and just acting as all round menace for the Bucks.

The Bucks wouldn’t stay dormant, with Malcom Brogdon and Eric Bledsoe leading the charge to keep things close. The Bucks strong defense would lead to a 7-0 run for them to take the lead.

Richardson was slow to start missing his four first shots, luckily Wade would pick up the slack scoring almost immediately after being checked in. Richardson struggling to score early has become a thing as of late, but he never gives up when he’s struggling and works to make things happen on the other end.

Justise Winslow has also continued his renaissance, he was great early, scoring on some beautiful jumpers and dishing out dimes with ease.

The Bucks would pull away towards the end of the quarter on a small run taking a seven point lead into the second quarter.

2nd Quarter:

Dion Waiters was back in the lineup with the reserves to start the second quarter. It was Tyler Johnson who would continue things of offense, but the Heat defense was slow allowing the Bucks to continue building their lead.

Spo called a timeout to slow down the Bucks, but they were on fire continuing their 14-2 run. The Heat on the other hand didn’t have an answer going ice cold and forcing Spo to make changes.

It’s crazy to me how inconsistent the Heat can be. It’s like they need to hire Thanos as an assistant coach to find some kind of balance.

The Heat spent most of this quarter playing like hot garbage. Their defense was porous, and offense anemic. It was painful to watch, especially after how solid the Heat were over the last two games.

There were a few highlight plays though, including a Derrick Jones Jr. high flying layup and a nice Justise three. But really that was it, and I’m stretching to just include those.

Miami would go into the second half down 24 as Heat fans everywhere groaned in agony.

3rd Quarter

The Heat were better to start the 3rd quarter with J-Rich getting going and the Heat being a lot more aggressive overall. Their defense also seemed stronger as the Bucks struggled to score and were forced to take some ugly threes.

Miami would regress as the quarter continued settling for forced threes, and making poor decisions in the key. (Though Whiteside did have one huge dunk that was awesome.)

It really looked like the Heat weren’t trying on defense with things resembling a pick up game. I mean, at the 4:00 minute mark in the third quarter the Bucks had two turnovers. TWO! That can only speak to Miami’s bad defense.

Around the 2 minute mark the Heat showed some signs of life, but every time they’d gain momentum the Bucks would hit a three, score an and one, or walk into the key and score a layup to slow the Heat down.

Miami would head into the fourth down 30.

4th Quarter

Things didn’t really improve for the Heat in the fourth, as they got a head start on garbage time. Still Miami had no answers defensively as the Bucks scored with ease. Wayne Ellington finally saw some playing time as he checked in with Waiters. Ellington hit a three almost immediately, he’s so good from beyond the arc it’s hard not seeing him in the rotation.

This was a really ugly loss for the Heat, with very few positives. Miami needs to go back to the drawing board and respond accordingly on Friday. The Heat locker room is not somewhere I’d want to be right now.

This was Miami’s worst loss of the season. 38 points. Damn.