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Miami Heat appear ready to launch powder blue Vice jerseys

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Miami’s 80s inspired Vice jerseys look ready to make a return for this season, this time in powder blue.

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

With the season set to begin, you had to know that this year’s Miami Heat Vice jerseys probably weren’t far behind. Though not officially announced (The Heat usually debut the jerseys with an impressive marketing campaign) it appears as if this year’s powder blue version has been leaked.

Footage of Udonis Haslem (likely for a promo video), and a Instagram story by Tyler Herro show the jerseys in the wild. These will be Miami’s fourth Vice jersey, after the white, black and pink editions (Vice, Nights, Sunset). It’s unclear what tag will accompany this version.

The Heat will supposedly debut these jerseys November 29th, according to Lockervision as reported by Ira winderman.

How do you feel about the new jerseys?