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Report: Waiters suspended over Instagram photo

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Waiters posted a photo on a boat after saying that he couldn’t play or practice because he was sick.

NBA: Miami Heat at Washington Wizards Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Dion Waiters might want to avoid Instagram for a while.

Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports reported that Dion Waiters was suspended for a third time because he posted a photo of himself on a boat after telling Heat officials that he was unable to play or practice because he was sick. This suspension runs through the Heat’s Dec. 23 game against the Utah Jazz.

No such photo currently appears on Waiters’ verified Instagram account.

Skolnick said, according to a source, that the boat picture on its own would have not have led to a six-game suspension. But the team handed down the suspension due to the cumulative effect of Waiters’ conduct.

After Miami suspended Waiters for the Oct. 23 season opener, the guard took shots at Tyler Herro and Erik Spoelstra on Instagram.

Waiters also issued a public apology following his most lengthy suspension — one for 10 games — resulting from Waiters having a panic attack on a team plane after taking a THC-infused edible.

The former Syrcause player returned to the Heat bench and was active following the conclusion of that 10-game suspension. But now, the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson reported that “the preference is to keep him away so that he doesn’t hurt team chemistry.”

Jackson added that Miami is determined to move on from Waiters, but he hasn’t shown any interest in agreeing to a buyout. He said that the most realistic scenario may be for the team to continue to pay him while he remains away from the team.