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3 Potential Trades for the Miami Heat

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Here are three different trades we would like to see the Miami Heat make at the deadline.

NBA: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA trade deadline is less than 24 hours from expiration and we are waiting to see if the Miami Heat do anything at all. So we wanted to give you an idea of some potential trades we could envision happening that would help the Miami Heat.

TRADE #1 — Markelle Fultz for Dion Waiters (MIAMI + PHILADELPHIA)

Fultz isn’t ready to play now but the 76ers are clearly going all in this season with their acquisitions of Jimmy Butler and now Tobias Harris. It hurts to give up on Fultz after the ill-fated draft day trade but they need to add depth for the postseason and they could bring the Philly native off the bench for instant offense and playmaking. Miami has no need for Fultz right now and that’s okay, with so many similarly-talented players on their roster. More minutes would be be carved out for others with the subtraction of Waiters, or the trade could instead involve fellow Pennsylvania native Wayne Ellington (plus filler to make the trade work).

Philadelphia’s roster is top heavy so this is a smart move to balance it out a little more and if any NBA team can get Fultz back on track, it’s the Heat’s world class team of trainers. Whether or not Goran Dragic or Justise Winslow is the long-term answer at point guard, it’s certainly worth a shot to see what the former #1 pick, who is still just 20, could eventually add to the Heat.

— Trade suggested by HHH Site Manager Surya Fernandez

TRADE #2 — Allen Crabbe and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson for James Johnson and Wayne Ellington (MIAMI + BROOKLYN)

I think for any trade to happen the Heat need to come to terms with their situation. Sitting at 8th in the Eastern Conference there needs to be a decision as to if they want to compete for a playoff spot, or get out of this jam early. Right now Miami is locked up.

They really have no flexibility until this time next year. What I’d like to see is them shed some contracts and salary for expiring deals. This probably won’t happen, Pat Riley never concedes and if the Heat has a chance at the postseason, the front office will push for it. But we can dream.

The Nets are on a run right now reminiscent of Miami’s 30-11 stretch a couple years ago. They could be a trade partner if they’re committed to this playoff push. The Heat have capable players that can help them win. A combo of James Johnson/Ellington or Dion Waiters/Ellington for Allen Crabbe and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson could make sense for both teams.

Sean Marks was ready to pay Tyler Johnson what the Heat are paying right now, so it really depends on what his vision for the team’s future is. The Nets have a ton of expiring deals right now so for them this could be worth the risk to make some noise in the playoffs. With Allen Crabbe being underwhelming this season, Ellington could contribute right away and if Waiters/JJ ever return to 2017 form this could be a big win for the Nets and give Miami the flexibility they need.

— Trade suggested by HHH Senior Writer Brandon Di Perno

TRADE #3 — Kevin Love for Hassan Whiteside (MIAMI + CLEVELAND)

Now, hold on a second, you might be thinking: NO WAY! But...the Heat don’t need Hassan Whiteside any more. Their movement forward should be with Bam Adebayo at center...more time for him is better for the franchise. Whiteside has highs and lows but the Heat need Adebayo to be their future. Pairing Kevin Love at PF spot makes the Heat much better up front, even though he is hurt.

Love’s contract isn’t ideal, but the reality is that Miami hasn’t been able to attract a high quality free agent for a while. Maybe getting Love, who is still an All-Star type player and 30 years old, could provide them four years of good play. This isn’t the most ideal scenario for Miami, but it would be one that pushes Adebayo to a starter and gives the Heat a low post scorer to pair with the plethora of wing players.

— Trade suggested by HHH Senior Writer Matt Pineda

What else are you guys thinking? We know there are a lot of things being discussed. What do you want to see the Heat do?