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Heat fall to Raptors at home, 125-104

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Despite keeping things close for the majority of the first half, the Heat were unable to claw back from a vicious Raptors run.

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter:

The Heat were hot to start with Dion Waiters and Bam Adebayo getting on the board early. Miami did a good job controlling the pace early, even with Toronto doing what they could to speed things up. The Raptors scored well, but Miami’s defense was solid enough to interrupt their flow…at least briefly.

The Raptors have the ability to go on quick runs and that was evident early in the quarter as they went on a 11-2 run. They were able to do this by hitting a ton of threes in transition (they hit seven in the quarter). You’d think Miami would have learned not to leave Danny Green open at this point.

The Heat were resilient and chipped away at the Raptors lead to hang within striking distance thanks to great plays, from Wade, Richardson and Dragic. The Heat and Raps went back and forth in the final minute, and the Heat would go into the second quarter down only 5.

2nd Quarter:

Wade provided a much needed spark off a steal and dunk to start the second, he had some amazing highlight plays in this quarter. Hassan Whiteside looked great, taking good looks and finding his teammates off some beautiful passes. The Heat were grinding, but finding good ways to score and on the other end giving nothing easy to the Raptors. It was grit and grind basketball at its purest.

The Heat really got going around the six minute mark, with Kelly Olynyk teeing up a touch pass alley oop for Bam. The Heat were aggressive on defense, leading to many steals they’d convert into buckets. The Heat would pull within three around the three minute mark, with Bam Adebayo feasting in the paint.

Unfortunately, the Raptors went on an 14-3 run to end the half leaving the Heat down by 14.

3rd Quarter:

The Heat came out firing to start the third quarter in an effort to chip away at the Raptors’ lead. Desperate for somebody to handle the scoring load, it was Dion Waiters who would pick up the slack with three consecutive buckets. Bam followed that up with a bucket to continue Miami’s 7-0 run. Miami entered a scoring drought moments later, but they’d step up their defense enough to slow down the Raptors as well.

Kelly’s shot was off, but he really did a good job making plays despite the fact. Still, there were a few times where he didn’t even look to shoot which was frustrating.

Miami looked to finally break through the drought around the 2 minute Mark as Wade converted on a beautiful layup which Dragic followed it up immediately with one of his own. Rodney McGruder would add another bucket shortly after to get the Heat within 11. This turned into another 7-0 run, giving the Heat some hope. Miami got burned on a bogus goal-tend call, but still they’d end the quarter with some fight.

4th Quarter:

Goran opened up the fourth with a big three to get Miami rolling. Unfortunately, the Raptors weren’t done continuing their offensive assault and pulling out ahead once again. Also, it’s worth noting how strong the Raptors defense was in this, while the Heat were able to score in the midrange they barely got any clean three point looks.

Dwyane Wade worked to get Miami within 10 once again, but Kyle Lowry would dilute the effort by doing damage behind the arc on the other end.

The Heat made a good effort, but it just wasn’t enough as the Raptors once again took a 20 point lead. This was a tough loss in a hard fought battle. Hopefully the Heat can clean things up before Wednesday’s game against Detroit.