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Did Dion Waiters forget what got him into the NBA and with the Miami Heat?

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Waiters has much more to offer Miami fans than what he has displayed in recent games. Will that change?

Miami Heat v Chicago Bulls Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Locked into a tight playoff battle, the Miami Heat need all hands on deck to stay above water, and none more so than Dion Waiters, who may be preparing his next essay on why he missed postseason action again, if his team takes an early vacation.

While Waiters has displayed flashes of his lottery pedigree during his career, he’s never put together a full season of sustained excellence on the court, which teams expected of him after the draft.

What got Waiters into the NBA wasn’t his prolific scoring in college, but making winning plays on and off-the-ball, like he did for his team in Syracuse University.

So far this season among the starters, Waiters leads the Heat in 3-point shooting at 40%, and leads the starting guards in EFG% (53.4) and OffRtg (109.7).

Where Waiters is Missing In Action (MIA), is in his off-the-ball play, which seems like he believes what’s good enough in Cleveland or Oklahoma City works in Miami.

Not really.

A film clip of how the San Antonio Spurs beat the Golden State Warriors illustrates what goes on off the ball often matters more than what happens when called on to handle the rock.

The Spurs show that excellent reads and activity off-the-ball leads to winning basketball in the NBA.

Will Waiters ever regain his dedication to working his tail off when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands?

The decision lies with him on whether he wants to man up and reach Dwyane Wade levels of sustained effort, or not.