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Dwyane Wade owns the Miami Heat record book

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There’s a couple categories he didn’t get, but Dwyane Wade has dominated Miami Heat basketball.

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets

Dwyane Wade wrapped up his NBA career earlier this week and closed the door on his final statistics with the NBA and Miami Heat.

Many would tell you that he’s the third greatest shooting guard of all-time, behind only Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. But few, if any, would argue that he’s the greatest player in Miami Heat history.

His longevity and he’s dominance for the Heat has set him far above the rest of the players in this organization. In fact, here are the records he owns. See more of the statistical leaders for the Miami Heat by visiting basketball-reference.

Points 21, 556 (next: 9,459)
Steals 1,492 (next: 791)
Assists 5,310 (next: 2,867)
Free Throws 5,391 (next: 2,558)
FT Attempts 7,048 (next: 3,896)
Field Goals 7,842 (next: 3,604)
FG Attempts 16,227 (next: 7,844)
Minutes 32,912 (next: 21,518)
Games 948 (next: 854)

He’s also the leader in field goals missed, turnovers, and personal fouls...but who’s counting? His 31.8 usage rate is still tops over LeBron James who spent two of his four years in Miami collecting MVP honors.

All of this to say, Mr. Wade sits at the top. You already knew this, I just wanted to show you. It’s astonishing to see the gap in points between him and Glen Rice. It’s going to take someone very, very, very special to get close to some of these records by Dwyane Wade.

So enjoy some of the most memorable Wade baskets here.