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Dwyane Wade being pursued by ESPN, TNT to be a studio analyst

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The next stage of Dwyane Wade’s career might be starting sooner than we thought with ESPN and TNT reportedly pursuing him as an on air talent

Miami Heat v Brooklyn Nets

According to a report in the New York Post, Dwyane Wade might be coming back to NBA programming a lot sooner than initially thought. New York Post writer, Andrew Marchand explains, saying:

What is already certain is both ESPN and TNT are courting Wade, sources have told The Post. The two networks are preparing pitches for the just-retired Wade to be a studio analyst later in the current playoffs.

Wade has worked ABC/ESPN’s playoff coverage in the past, but it is not clear yet if he would want to be a full-time analyst in his post-playing career.

Wade’s basketball IQ which made him a threat on the hardwood for 16 seasons, could make him a force in the panelist’s chair. That coupled with the rapport he has with Charles Barkley Shaq, and even rival Paul Pierce makes a move to either network very interesting.

Obviously these are preliminary reports and it’s unclear if Wade is even interested in a broadcasting role, but still the fact that there’s such a high demand for his talents is interesting.