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Paul Pierce says he’s better than Wade. Wade responds.

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Pierce said he’d have four or five championships if he played with LeBron, Shaq and Bosh.

Boston Celtics v Miami Heat - Game Five Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Former NBA player Paul Pierce said this weekend that he had a better career than Dwyane Wade on ESPN.

“When I’m 24, 25, give me Shaq, LeBron [James], [Chris] Bosh, I would be sitting on four or five NBA championships, easy [instead of one],” Pierce said.

“If I had K.G. [Kevin Garnett] and Ray [Allen], if we played together back in 2003 and ‘04, it would be a no-brainer. You have to be lucky to be blessed with other great players…. Wade didn’t win without LeBron, Bosh, Shaq [O’Neal]. You can’t do it by yourself.

After saying that, Pierce said, “That’s easy. Off the bat, me,” when asked who had the better career.

Wade made his feelings on the subject known on Twitter, retweeting a tweet from Chris Martin Palmer.

Jalen Rose then used a lot of those credentials to say the same to Pierce, who had nothing to say in response.

By the way, sports writer (and Celtics fan) Bill Simmons ranked NBA players in his 2010 The Book of Basketball and had Pierce ranked 47th and Wade 28th — and that was before Wade’s final two championships.

Moreover, saying that Wade had Shaquille O’Neal ignores the fact that Shaq was at the end of his productive career. Unlike Shaq and Pierce, Wade isn’t retiring a couple years too late. Looking at the results from the 2006 NBA Finals make Pierce’s claims look laughable, because that’s what they are. Antoine Walker averaged more points in the 2006 Finals than Shaq did. A player who was in his third NBA season named Dwyane Wade carried Shaq to a title in 2006, not the other way around.