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Gatorade honors Dwyane Wade in heartfelt new ad

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To surprise Dwyane Wade in his final home game, Gatorade structured a new content piece with John Legend referencing his great playing days and personal life.

To honor Dwyane Wade’s final home game tonight in Miami, Gatorade teamed up with John Legend to produce a content piece appropriately named “Three is the Magic Number.”

Gatorade explains the piece’s contents saying:

“The surprise, which showcases Wade’s career and community accomplishments, features a re-worked version of School House Rock’s, “Three is a Magic Number,” sung by John Legend. The film explores how “three” is far more than just Wade’s jersey number. The number three is an integral part of his life in an almost magical way, from the year he was drafted in ‘03 to his three championships to even his three sons, the number has been and will always be an integral part of Wade’s life.”

The ad itself is very well done and features moments many Heat fans will remember as well as a focus on his family life. Don’t worry I only counted a handful plays in the video with Wade in a Chicago jersey.

The piece also debuts Wade’s number 3, with the iconic Gatorade bolt in a new logo. They’ll be featured during tonight’s broadcast on towels and squeeze bottles on the sideline.

What do you guys think of the ad?