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For the Miami Heat would Kevin Porter Jr. or Matisse Thybulle be more valuable?

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With the lottery in the rearview mirror, the Heat now focus on the road ahead.

USC v Washington Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The Miami Heat face the monumental task of following the championship path Dwyane Wade bought to 601 Biscayne Boulevard.

Along with the tangibles, the Heat front office will scour future prospects for the intangibles Wade brought to the Miami franchise.

Among the choices for Miami’s 13th draft pick is Kevin Porter Jr. who seems to meet the requirements for the shot-creator the team needs.

However the fact that he started only 4 games in his entire college career, while coming off the bench in 13 games for a team with a losing record, calls into question his ability to lead a group of NBA veterans to a playoff berth.

In 2019 Porter Jr.’s team faced off against fellow NBA Draft prospect Matisse Thybulle and his Washington Huskies.

The January contest showed what happens when Porter Jr. faces NBA-level defenders rather than amateur high school students.

Later in the game Thybulle picks off an errant pass by Porter Jr. for a score.

In the next match between the two teams, Thybulle again provided a leadership role for a narrow win with an emphatic basket in the last minute.

Kevin Porter Jr. posted decent numbers, yet disappeared in key situations due to the emotional impact of Thybulle.

Comments on Porter Jr.’s scouting reports compared him to Tony Wroten, who also featured a similar one-dimensional explosive dribble-drive game before his second injury.

The danger for Miami is it already has a player like Hassan Whiteside, who plays when he feels like it, and the team doesn’t need two of those types on the squad.

The Heat have over a month to evaluate all its options before the June 20th NBA draft, but that date is only part of the answer to the puzzle on the leader of the next dance.

Selecting who will command the respect and trust of his future teammates goes past the numbers in the box scores.