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Miami Heat gets surprisingly low odds from one Vegas insider for next season

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Following the NBA Finals, Miami faces a bleak future according to a Vegas oddsmaker.

NBA: Miami Heat at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have done little to improve their roster in recent times, and one oddsmaker punishes the franchise for its lack of action.

Jeff Sherman of the Westgate Superbook gives Miami the dubious distinction of being tied as one of the only six teams with 200/1 odds to win the NBA Finals next season.

2019-20 NBA Championship winner updated

9/2 – Los Angeles Lakers

6/1 – Milwaukee Bucks

6/1 – Los Angeles Clippers

8/1 – Houston Rockets

10/1 – Toronto Raptors

12/1 – Boston Celtics

12/1 – Philadelphia 76ers

14/1 – Golden State Warriors

16/1 – Denver Nuggets

16/1 – Oklahoma City Thunder

20/1 – New York Knicks

25/1 – Brooklyn Nets

25/1 – Utah Jazz

25/1 – Portland Trail Blazers

40/1 – Dallas Mavericks

50/1 – San Antonio Spurs

60/1 – Indiana Pacers

60/1 – Orlando Magic

60/1 – New Orleans Pelicans

80/1 – Atlanta Hawks

80/1 – Memphis Grizzlies

100/1 – Chicago Bulls

100/1 – Sacramento Kings

100/1 – Phoenix Suns

200/1 – Detroit Pistons

200/1 – Charlotte Hornets

200/1 – Miami Heat

200/1 – Washington Wizards

200/1 – Cleveland Cavaliers

200/1 – Minnesota Timberwolves

Sherman believes the Knicks, Hawks, Bulls, Suns will do more via the NBA draft, free agent signings, trades, player development, and the like, to improve their team’s prospects for next season than the Heat this summer.

Last year Westgate opened its books on the 2018-19 season with Miami at 10/1 odds, due to the chances of luring LeBron James back to Miami.

Basically Vegas is handicapping Miami’s off-season failures over the last few years in attracting elite talent, especially with the departure of Dwyane Wade as a recruiter.

One consequence of Sherman’s odds might be a diminished chance to sign a top free agent, since an elite player may look at the odds of a team to win a ring for him.

Seems like having no cap space as the reason for a team’s inactivity carries no weight with him, and he simply doesn’t care to hear any excuses for not winning.

Now that Sherman has thrown down the gauntlet for next season, Heat fans will see how the powers that be at 601 Biscayne Blvd will respond to his challenge over the next few months.

Check back in August to find out whether one man’s opinion has changed about on how franchises succeeded or failed to make their teams more competitive for the 2019-20 NBA season.


ESPN released its NBA Power Rankings for the 2019-20 season.

The Heat came in at the more charitable #22 spot, ahead of the Timberwolves (#23), Pelicans (#24), Wizards (#25), Hornets (#26), Grizzlies (#27), Suns (#28), Bulls (#29), Cavaliers (#30).

Their summary reads in part, “Unfortunately, there’s a lot of money on the books in Miami without a ton of upside.”

In other words, outside of South Beach, observers don’t have much faith in the young core, or the development staff, to squeeze more out of their potential beyond where they stood last season.

Sherman believes the young ones in New Orleans (Zion Williamson), Phoenix (Devin Booker & Deandre Ayton), Chicago (Lauri Markkanen, Zach LaVine, Otto Porter Jr.) will separate their teams from the bottom feeders in the NBA.

Surprisingly both pieces disparage the Timberwolves even though they have two former #1 picks in Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The Wolves failed in maximizing their talent, while the Raptors and Bucks shook up their talent evaluation and player development staffs last year to remove their entitlement state of mind.

Dion Waiters to Warriors?

ESPN’s Kevin Pelton sees Dion Waiters as a candidate to shore up the depleted Warriors in his article Eight Warriors free-agency and trade targets to help replace KD and Klay.

I don’t have access to article, but the concept of dealing some Heat players as role players on other teams for cap relief seems to have merit.