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Real reason Tyler Herro was the steal of the draft for Miami Heat

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Tyler Herro has one talent that could unlock the Heat’s offense this season.

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Zion Williamson made a surprising comment about Miami Heat’s draft pick Tyler Herro last year.

“Tyler is like probably the most underrated player in our class. He’s a very smooth and skilled scorer and I feel that goes unnoticed sometimes.”

Anthony Koon wrote an insightful piece detailing how University of Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari uncovered an overlooked skill of Herro that may pay huge dividends for the Heat down the road.

“While initially serving mostly as an off-ball scoring option early on in the season, Herro has developed into a secondary ball-handler for the Wildcats and has seen his assist numbers steadily rise up throughout the year.

“The combination of consistent outside shooting and a secondary playmaking option have given the Wildcats a different dimension to their offense.”

Coach Erik Spoelstra was looking for a player with the ability to prevent teams from packing the paint against the Heat’s rim-runners [emphasis mine].

“...Herro helps keep defenses honest and stops them from sagging off the three-point line to protect the paint. In prior years, opposing defenses have loaded up the paint against Kentucky to stop drives to the rim. This year, Herro’s floor spacing allows Kentucky’s elite athletes to attack more easily without facing a double or triple team.”

Herro had more success with his transition game than scoring off screens or hand-offs that often wind up being closely contested shots.

Notice how Herro loves to work off his dribble, but not standing in place pounding the air out of the ball winding down the shot clock.

When the Wildcats are fully engaged he has them fly around the court in constant motion reminiscent of the San Antonio Spurs or Golden State Warriors ball movement.

Prospects such as Romeo Langford or Kevin Porter Jr. are more skilled getting to the rim, but Miami wasn’t looking for that strength in this draft.

The Heat wanted someone who makes his team better on offense by stopping opponents from packing the paint against them.

They may have found that player in Tyler Herro.