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Kevin Durant on Miami Heat’s Tyler Herro: “You gotta have skills if you want to last.”

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Tyler Herro wasn’t the consensus choice for the Heat, but he might have been the best one.

2019 NBA Draft Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Before the Miami Heat selected Tyler Herro in the 2019 NBA Draft he wasn’t the most favored pick among Heat fans.

However Kevin Durant had Herro on his radar of college prospects in this video at the 4:33 mark.

Durant had Herro pegged as a point guard of all positions!

“How tall is he?

“Looks like he’s a point guard pretty much capable, right.”

Next Durant gives his take on what a player needs to stay in the NBA.

“Skills man. Gotta have skills if you want to last.

“The game you gotta perfect your craft.

“You can’t be out there jumping over everybody.

“You gotta know how to shoot, dribble, pass.”

Durant gives his one sentence scouting report on Herro.

“And this kid knows how to do it.”

Durant even gives his thoughts on finishing at the rim, which some Heat players need to memorize.

“Get your spot, pull it forward, shield well, he knows how to score.”

If Kevin Durant even bothered to comment about Herro shows that Herro turned the heads of some knowledge people in the basketball world.

While John Calipari cast Herro primarily as a finisher for the Wildcats, this video from high school shows Herro can also handle the ball as Durant noted above.

For those who compare Herro to Devin Booker, the fact is Robbie Haught trains Herro, Booker and D’Angelo Russell.

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