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Roll up to South Beach with your new Jimmy Butler Miami Heat jersey!

Be among the first to own the All-Star’s new Heat jersey!


Jimmy Butler really wanted to join the Miami Heat and the feeling was mutual, so now it’s time to celebrate his arrival with the Heat’s newest jersey available to order now!

The future is bright for the Heat with the addition of the four-time All-Star, so grab your dominoes and head on out around town showing off the latest and greatest addition to your Heat jersey collection.

The first Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Nike Swingman jersey is live!

Here’s the first look! Check it out and order your jersey now.

Note: Since this is a special event item, the Butler jersey will ship within 4-6 weeks once he signs his contract and his number has been assigned by the league. This post will be updated once Butler’s new number is live online.

Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Nike Swingman Jersey for $109.99