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Dwyane Wade Wins Best Moment ESPY

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Zaire Wade’s introduction of his dad at Dwyane’s final home game won the award.

Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Just before Dwyane Wade’s final home game as an NBA player, his son Zaire introduced him at the American Airlines Arena. That moment won a share of the ESPY for Best Moment last night, with Rob Gronkowski and Lindsay Vonn also sharing the award.

Here’s a look at that moment.

In his acceptance speech, Wade drew laughs from the crowd. He said that he can’t wait until five years from now, when he’ll marry Gabrielle Union again — though at a lower budget.

That last home game was against the Philadelphia 76ers, when Jimmy Butler played for that team. And that moment may not have only gotten Wade an ESPY, but may have also persuaded Jimmy Butler to play for the Miami Heat.