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Wizards will offer Beal extension. Here’s what that means for the Heat.

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ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski said that the Wizards will not explore trades for Beal if he doesn’t sign the extension.

Washington Wizards v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported today that the Washington Wizards will offer guard Bradley Beal a three-year, $111 million extension on Friday.

Beal’s agent, Mark Bartelstein, told ESPN that the two-time All-Star will need time to consider the offer. Wojnarowski added that if Beal doesn’t accept the offer, the Wizards do not plan to start trade discussions.

This all matters to the Miami Heat because Miami is said to have strong interest in the 25-year-old Beal. As I discussed last week, Candace Buckner of the Washington Post said that it is not a “done deal” that Bradley will accept the extension.

With John Wall sidelined for this upcoming year, Washington’s season is already lost. If Beal doesn’t accept the extension offer, Miami will have to hope that he tells the Wizards that he will only sign an extension with the Heat. That would discourage other teams from trading for Beal, who has two years left on his contract.

Miami should just sit tight and see how the Beal situation plays out. The Heat don’t need to find a second star to join Jimmy Butler before the season starts.