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Miami Heat Summer League: the good news and the bad news

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The Heat swept all three contests leaving tough choices on roster decisions.

2019 California Classic - Day 3 - Miami Heat v Golden State Warriors Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

The Miami Heat won all three of their California Classic battles leading to good news and bad news.

GOOD NEWS: several players gave impressive performances

BAD NEWS: several players gave impressive performances

Going into the three California Classic Games all eyes were on getting a first take on first-round draft pick Tyler Herro.

He didn’t disappoint by displaying a surprisingly good all-around skill set for a 19 year-old teenager facing older and more experienced competition.

In his first game he showed great shooting prowess, while in the next one he handled the ball well under pressure.

Our Mr. Clutch showing out?

The big problem resides in the fact that several players exhibited potential for roster spots, but Miami already has a team full of good, but not great players from last season, before the addition of Jimmy Butler.

In the gutsy 73-65 win over the Golden State Warriors, four players had double digit Net Ratings.

  • Kyle Alexander – plus 48.8
  • Kendrick Nunn – plus 20.3
  • Yante Maten – plus 19.1
  • Tyler Herro – plus 19.1

Alexander has large hands, extreme wingspan, and athleticism that the new breed of talents, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kawhi Leonard, seem lately to be the rage in the NBA.

His skill level needs vast improvement since he was “primarily a soccer and volleyball player before finally deciding to try hoops as a junior in high school.”

The physical gifts are there, but he has to develop the offensive side of them, a la Connie Hawkins, very quickly to make an impact.

Nunn, Maten, and Herro gave glimpses of what they’re capable against the lowest rung of NBA hopefuls.

Now opportunities present themselves to compete against tougher and move competition for a possible spot in the rotation.

Now what to do going forward as Barry Jackson ruminates in this tweet.

“Obviously, a lot needs to play out with Nunn in coming months. But as Kings announcers Napear/Doug Christie said, he looks like NBA player. And then question becomes do you have room for 5 1st/2nd yr players (Herro, Okpala, Maten, Robinson, Nunn)”

Maybe run them through the Jimmy Butler gauntlet?

Since Butler is the max man, bring to him to Vegas to see which ones he sees as hungry dogs who never quit.

After all, Butler didn’t come to Miami to be on a losing team.


Miami Heat 106 - Los Angeles Lakers 79

Miami Heat 89 - Sacramento Kings 88

Miami Heat 73 - Golden State Warriors 65