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The home of the Miami Heat will have a new name in 2020

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American Airlines Arena name will go the way of the Heat’s first home, the Miami Arena.

American Airlines Arena, Miami Photo by Hoberman Collection/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Home to Miami Heat for the last 20 years, when the present deal expires American Airlines won’t be “in the mix” for naming rights to the arena per reports.

The home of the Miami Heat is getting a new name: American Airlines is no longer vying for the naming rights it bought more than two decades ago, Miami-Dade Deputy Mayor Ed Marquez said Monday.

American Airlines, they’re not in the mix,” he said.

With less than three full months remaining in 2019, the arena’s new name has yet to be determined.

“Nothing is yet official, he said, but at least one ‘nationally renowned company’ is in advanced talks to rechristen what by January will no longer be AmericanAirlines Arena.”

Incidentally American Airlines currently has the naming rights to the home of the “beloved” Dallas Mavericks, American Airlines Center.

The current AA Arena has been quite a success in regards to drawing crowds for basketball and entertainment events.

  • The article above states “During the last NBA season, the Heat had the fifth-highest league-wide attendance, shows. San Francisco, whose Golden State Warriors ranked sixth, signed a 20-year, $300 million naming deal with JP Morgan Chase in 2016.”
  • Superlative Group, who is brokering the deal on behalf of the county, not the Miami Heat, writes “The departure of LeBron James in 2014 ended the arena’s white-hot era, but Pollstar still ranks the ‘AA Arena’ as the highest-grossing entertainment venue in Florida, and one of the Top 10 nationwide, according to a county memo.”

A new name for the arena, on such a short notice, affects the Heat and all other NBA teams because they print programs, schedules and other material which mention events at AAArena in 2020, way before the season starts.

The Heat began performing in the old Miami Arena, aka “The Pink Elephant,” so the new name will mark the third one in the team’s history.

Fittingly the “Last Dance” moniker may apply to the AA Arena, as it will forever remain Dwyane Wade’s house, as in “This is my house.”

Jimmy Butler has the opportunity to make the arena on 601 Biscayne Blvd, with it’s new name, “his house.”