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Dwyane Wade discusses career and retirement with Rick Ross

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Dwyane Wade and rapper, Rick Ross sat down for a one-on-one conversation where they discussed their careers, life, family and business and more.

In an effort to debut their new GQ Sports Youtube channel, GQ produced a 51 minute conversation between South Florida legends, Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross. The conversation itself is very interesting with both asking each other thought provoking questions about their careers, life, family and business.

Dwyane speaks about his early days on the Heat, how he’s dealt with adversity and competition, what his legacy means to Miami, mistakes he’s made as well as his retirement.

It’s definitely worth a watch if you have the time, and a strong entry to Dwyane’s post basketball life. Hopefully we see him in more content like this throughout the season. You can watch the video below.