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Justise Winslow’s plan: ‘Be the point guard for this team’

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What does that mean for Goran Dragic?

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

While hosting a group of disadvantaged youth with his foundation, Justise Winslow said that his plan for this upcoming season “is to play point guard and be the point guard for this team.”

Winslow played significant time at point guard last season — due to knee surgery that sidelined Goran Dragic for 31 games. But Dragic is back for this season. Winslow said that he and Dragic will figure out how to play together, but added that he wants to play point guard.

Now, the Heat apparently tried to trade Dragic the night of the June 30 start of free agency to facilitate the Jimmy Butler sign-and-trade deal. But that deal fell through, and Dragic remains on the Heat. Would Erik Spoelstra have Dragic come off the bench? Would he start Dragic and Winslow together in the back court?

Winslow has made his intentions known. Training camp is fast approaching.