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Should Miami Heat reunite former teammates Derrick Jones Jr. and Marquese Chriss?

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The Heat have several possibilities to tweak the roster before important deadlines.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Derrick Jones Jr. and Marquese Chriss were 19-year-old teammates as rookies on the Phoenix Suns. Now that Chriss has cleared waivers by the Golden State Warriors, could the Miami Heat be lucky twice in reclaiming talent from the Suns?

The presumptive candidate for the last roster spot is Chris Silva. However former lottery pick Chriss (7/2/1997) is almost a year younger than Silva (9/19/1996) and has a greater body of work to judge by. Steven Kerr spoke highly of Chriss’ future and innate talent.

“I think he’s got a bright future in the league. Sometimes, it takes some guys some time to get used to the NBA game, and he’s had kind of a rocky start to his career. He bounced around a little bit, but he’s doing a great job for us and hopefully finds a home here.”

“There was a reason he was a lottery pick. He’s got a lot of talent, very athletic and powerful.”

How Chriss would fit in the front court remains a mystery since Miami already has Meyers Leonard, Duncan Robinson, Justise Winslow, Kelly Olynyk, James Johnson there, along with KZ Okpala developing in the G-League. Yet another twist surfaced with a writer proposing a Winslow for Kyle Kuzma trade.

“[Winslow] is the No. 1 player on my list if I’m Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. I doubt the Heat would move him for a package centered on Kuzma, but it’s worth a call.”

Kuzma would slot right into Miami’s drive-and-kick offense, and if any coach can turn him into the best defensive version of himself, it’s Erik Spoelstra. Miami might also be one of the few places Kentavious Caldwell-Pope would be willing to go, and even with how well he’s been playing, the Lakers would likely jump at the chance to move him for Winslow.”

“Winslow would be the physical, versatile defensive wing the Lakers need, highly capable of making life difficult on even the best perimeter scorers, and he’s made great strides as a secondary playmaker.”

Disturbing the great mix on a team that’s currently 27-11 is a risky proposition for Miami. Eventhough Silva is well-like in Miami, the team has yet to formalize converting his two-way deal. The open roster spot might be used in an unexpected fashion. Since the Heat probably would prefer to get out of the luxury tax and resolve the Dion Waiters situation by season’s end, some roster moves are likely.