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Duncan Robinson is on track for historic season with Miami Heat

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An undrafted find for Miami Heat may wind up with an obscure NBA record.

LA Clippers v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

An undrafted player the Miami Heat signed following Summer League is quietly having a season for the record books. A frequently cited standard for elite marksmen is the 50/40/90 slashline, i.e. make more than 50% on field goal attempts, 40% of 3-point attempts, and 90% at the free throw line.

By that standard Duncan Robinson fails to qualify with a line of .460/.434/.906. His overall FG% suffers because he attempts so few 2-point shots. But what happens if his shots are separated into splits of 2P%/3P%/FT%? Then his numbers become unique.

By restricting the applicants to only players who attempted more than four 3-pointers a game, made at least 60% of their 2-pointers, 40% of their 3-pointers, and 90% of free throws, Robinson’s .640/.434/.906 numbers stand alone in NBA history. In the 2017-18 season Stephen Curry recorded a .595/.423/.921 split for 2P%/3P%/FT%. However Robinson’s figures rest on significantly fewer field goal attempts per game, 9 versus 17, due to his low usage rate during a game.

Robinson beats Curry for that season in eFG%, .650 vs. .618, but trails in TS%, .663 vs .675, since Curry made more free throws per game. Due to his limited role Robinson averages only a single two-point attempt and assist per game, while Curry averaged 7 two-pointers and 6 assists as the Golden State Warriors‘ focal point on offense.

Notably Robinson finishes 84% of his FGA (30 min) in the restricted area (RA), which lags only Nerlens Noel’s 85%. This season Robinson is the only qualifying NBA player succeeding on over 80% of his attempts in the RA and 40% above the break. While his defense may stand out for the wrong reasons, he has some unique talents on offense.

The fact that no player in the NBA, who attempted at least four 3-pointers per game, has yet to finish with a line of .600/.400/.900 for the season on 2P%/3P%/FT% shooting amazes. We’ll see if Duncan Robinson can continue at his present pace for the remainder of the campaign as he garners more attention from NBA defenders.

Robinson’s teammate Tyler Herro may have phrased it best in his colorful fashion during the Los Angeles Clippers game.

“You. Cant. Guard. Me.”

“This angle of Tyler Herro talking that talk [to Landry Shamet]”