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Heat guarantee deals on Robinson, Nunn

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The Miami Heat guaranteed the deals on Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn.

Miami Heat v New York Knicks Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Miami Heat have guaranteed the contracts of Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn. Both of their contracts are valued at $1.7 million for the upcoming season. Although they had different guaranteed dates, the Heat made it official that they would be rostered this coming season.

It’s no surprise as Nunn and Robinson are two of the most valuable contracts in the NBA. Both Nunn and Robinson started for the Heat nearly the entire season, averaged double figures and have a very low salary. They will both become restricted free agents next off-season if they are still rostered.

The move for Miami is a no brainer as these two will be major contributors for the team and are a part of a youth movement that is setting the team up for success for years to come.

The Miami Heat will have 11 players under roster if they keep their draft pick as they head into free agency this weekend.