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Miami Heat re-sign Meyers Leonard

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The center agreed to a team friendly deal.

2020 NBA Finals - Los Angeles Lakers v Miami Heat Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

The Miami Heat moved quickly in free agency to retain a few of their own free agents. After Goran Dragic immediately announced he was returning to the Heat, soon we also learned that Miami is keeping Meyers Leonard as well.

Apparently, the deal is 2 years at $20 million total with the second year being a team option. It seems as though his first year is about $9 million. Don’t worry about the number, this will all fall in place.

That is very important because it makes his contract not mess with the 2021 plan, and it makes him a valuable trade piece both this season and also next off season, knowing teams can instantly decline the option.

Leonard started much of the year for Miami, but lost his role entirely during the Bubble. He was a great teammate and someone who Jimmy Butler wanted back as well. The move pushes Miami closer to the tax line with two roster spots to go.

Pat Riley indeed is “running it back.”

Stay tuned...more to come.