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Heat announce Meyers Leonard re-signing

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Leonard’s contract essentially has a no-trade clause for this season.

2020 NBA Finals - Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Just a few hours after announcing that Goran Dragic re-signed with the Miami Heat, the team announced that Meyers Leonard had done so.

Leonard’s contract will pay him roughly $9 million this season, with next season being a team option — just like the two-year deals for Dragic and Avery Bradley. Due to the structure of their contracts, they effectively have a no-trade clause.

In a statement, Pat Riley called Leonard a “real team guy.” The center started every regular season game he appeared in last year before going completely out of the rotation in the NBA bubble, when Erik Spoelstra put Bam Adebayo at center and Jae Crowder at the four. A few weeks ago, he said he wanted a “significant role” on the team he joins.

Leonard may very well again start at center for the regular season to relieve Adebayo from playing center during the grind of the regular season. We also have to see whether Moe Harkless can fill the small-ball four role that Crowder did so admirably.