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Heat unveil “ViceVersa” City Edition uniform for new NBA season

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The final VICE uniform has been revealed.

With just three weeks left before the NBA returns to action, the Miami Heat have revealed the new “ViceVersa” City Edition uniform for the new season. The grand finale to the highly innovative VICE campaign looks ahead to the not-so-distant future for inspiration.

There are retro elements that honor the Heat’s rich legacy, but there’s definitely a futuristic vibe to compliment all the vice-ness. It’s certainly a bold look and will take some getting used to, although my hunch is that they look better in person. It will certainly make for a vibrant color palette in action when combined with the new court.

“In 2017, VICE began as a journey—a trip back through time to a reality where 1988 never ended,” said Jennifer Alvarez, Vice President of Creative and Digital Marketing. “In 2018, we returned to the present for a series of sequel campaigns inspired by Miami’s many sides, beginning with the dark and serious ‘VICE Nights,’ then the more relaxed and mellow ‘Sunset VICE,’ and finally, the bright and energetic ‘ViceWave.’ Each campaign has pushed us further and further outside the creative confines of the HEAT brand and each has been hugely successful and a ton of fun to work on. ViceVersa is a graphic microcosm that envisions the Miami HEAT brand of the future.”

Here’s more from the Heat’s official press release on the inspiration behind the design.

ViceVersa has duality—existing as either pink or blue depending your point-of-view. It has singularity, sporting a design unlike any HEAT or NBA uniform before it. But it also honors HEAT history, with traces of previous VICE uniforms featured throughout. ViceVersa also leverages the uniform’s unique design via illusions, mirroring and reflections. The uniform celebrates the pink and blue gradient, which has been a staple in all of the previous VICE campaigns.

The centerpiece to the new collection is called VICE Violet:

At the intersection of blue gale and laser fuchsia comes a new addition to the VICE color palette: VICE Violet. VICE Violet will be the signature color of the ViceVersa campaign and will be featured on the new VICE Basketball Court, as well as on numerous items in the ViceVersa retail collection, including the popular Nike player name and number tee shirts. The VICE Violet version of the name and number tee shirt will be available exclusively at The Miami HEAT Store outlets.

Fans are encouraged to check out for a closer look at all things Vice, including photos, videos, and much more. The uniforms will be worn throughout the 2020-21 NBA season but specific dates will be announced by the Heat once the schedule is released.

The Heat are only taking pre-orders for the new ViceVersa player jerseys at the time due to productions delays related to COVID-19. ViceVersa player jerseys will be shipped according to the following schedule: Tyler Herro – Feb. 1, 2021; Bam Adebayo, Jimmy Butler, Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn – March 1, 2021; all other Heat players – June 1, 2021. will have more details on pre-orders and delivery times.

ViceVersa merchandise will be available for purchase beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday, December 3rd exclusively online at Both online and retail locations currently have a promotion in which fans will be given a gift card up to $50 included with their purchase.

So what do you think of the new uniform?

Photo Credit: David Alvarez // Miami HEAT