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Heat G-League Skyforce won’t compete this season

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The Miami Heat’s NBA G-League affiliate Sioux Falls Skyforce won’t participate in the NBA bubble for this season.

Memphis Hustle vs Sioux Falls Skyforce Photo by Dave Eggen/NBAE via Getty Images

The Miami Heat will be without one of their unique and best advantages this season as their NBA G-League affiliate Sioux Falls Skyforce will not participate in the NBA G-League this season.

With the amount of travel, back and forth for two-way players and revenue, the NBA decided against the G-League in it’s normal sense and has went with them bubble approach in the Atlanta metro area. Teams were allowed to elect to participate or not.

Apparently, Miami decided against the idea.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal. But the Heat have used the Skyforce heavily over the years for development of their own players, and to mine talent in new young players. Last season, KZ Okpala spent a lot of time with the Skyforce and seems primed to take a larger role for the Heat this season.

That means that two-way player Gabe Vincent will spend his time with the Heat this season and not with the Skyforce. Every game that Vincent is with the team counts towards his 50 game maximum. After the 50 games, Vincent will be released of his contract, allowed to sign another two-way deal with another team or a standard contract with the Heat or another team.

The same will go for whoever the Heat extend their other two-way roster spot to at the end of training camp. This will be a difficult decision because this player will not have the luxury of playing in the G-League, but rather will likely just be like a practice-squad player.

Maybe the Heat would like to offer the spot to someone who can help now (with COVID issues a concern) as opposed to someone who is more of a project. We will see.

  • Paul Ebuoa
  • Breein Tyree
  • Max Strus
  • BJ Johnson

One of those players are likely to receive the other offer to join the Heat this season. I say likely because the Heat have, in the past, bypassed their training camp players to offer a two-way to someone else at the end of training camp — just depends if they like what they see.

There is no clear-cut favorite for the last spot. My guess would be the Heat offer that final spot to Breein Tyree.

How would you like to see the Heat approach their final two-way roster spot?