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Heat’s Chris Silva is on track for the highest TS% in NBA history among undrafted players

Besides Duncan Robinson the Heat have another highly efficient scorer on the team.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Duncan Robinson and Kendrick Nunn grab headlines for the Miami Heat, but another player has a higher true shooting percentage (TS%). Factoring in free throw attempts Chris Silva has a TS% of .692, compared to Robinson’s TS% of .665. Actually Silva’s .692 TS% would be the highest among all undrafted players with a minimum of 200 minutes played in the last 50 seasons.

Matter-of-fact four undrafted Heat players are the top ten for the last 50 years: Chris Andersen is third with .683 in 2013-14, Willie Reed is fifth with .671 in 2017-18, and Robinson ninth with .665 this season. Incidentally Miami Heat broadcaster John Crotty (of Crotty Chop fame) ranks 25th among undrafted players with a .637 TS% in his only season with the Heat.

The search yielded 1529 results for undrafted players getting more than 200 minutes on the court. Derrick Jones Jr. was the only teenager among all of them. In the 2016-17 season Jones Jr. took the floor for the Phoenix Suns and had an impressive .604 TS% in his rookie year. The next youngest undrafted players in the table were 22 years of age, or three years older than him.

When Silva manages to stay on the court, he leads the team in several metrics:

  • TS% .692 (first)
  • ORB% 21.9 (first)
  • TRB% 20.9 (first)
  • BLK% 6.0 (first)

In general his stats speak favorably for him:

  • DPM 3.0 (second)
  • BPM 3.1 (third)
  • PER 18.2 (third)
  • STL% (fourth)

Unfortunately foul trouble and turnovers follow Silva like a plague: 9.4 fouls per 36 minutes and a turnover rate of 27.6% when he handles the ball. There is no denying though he’s a beast on the boards. If an offensive rebound or an aggressive score on the boards is needed, then Silva might be the answer.

This season may show that undrafted gems such as Nunn, Robinson and Silva can pay big dividends, with the Heat leading the way.