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Debating Miami Heat’s off-limit players before NBA trade deadline

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Who should be moved or not moved before trading season ends tomorrow?

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Miami Heat Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat have three untouchable players other teams don’t need to ask for in a trade: NBA All-Stars Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and Heat Lifer Udonis Haslem. After them what other Miami players would qualify as off-limits in any talks about a deal?

Speculation revolves around rookies Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro as having too much upside as part of a trade. One overlooked player who may qualify as immovable is Duncan Robinson because of his stats and contract.

First, Robinson is tied up for next season at $1.7M, the same as Nunn and less than the $3.8M for Herro.

Second, the slash line for those three players are Robinson .460/.439/.881, Nunn .462/.358/.822, Herro .414/.393/.835. Robinson is only one with a 3P% over 40%. There certainly is a market for guys who shoot over 40% from beyond the 3-point line. Especially at $1.7M for next season.

Robinson is in select company with his scoring numbers so far. Below is the list of players who played 20 games or more this season and attempted 7 or more 3-point shots per game, sorted by FG%.

  • Karl-Anthony Towns – FG 51%, 3P 41%
  • Kyrie Irving – FG 48%, 3P 39%
  • Luka Doncic – FG 46%, 3P 32%
  • Damian Lillard – FG 46%, 3P 39%
  • Duncan Robinson – FG 46%, 3P 44%
  • Bradley Beal – FG 45%, 3P 33%

That’s an expensive neighborhood. Needless to say the players above not named Robinson or Doncic each hold nine figure contracts. Shaquille O’Neal even said “Duncan who?” when Dwyane Wade mentioned Robinson’s name as competing in the Three Point Contest. Opponents know better because they shadow Robinson relentlessly on the court.

Herro and Nunn have more buzz, but their production doesn’t compare to Robinson’s. If 32-year old Danilo Gallinari gets $23M for a slash of .441/.410/.906, then what is Robinson’s true market value? Who are the untouchables on the Heat’s roster and how much of an upgrade would Miami get in return?