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Riley on trade deadline: ‘I wanted everything.’

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The Heat President said he thought Danilo Gallinari would have fit in.

Miami Heat Introduce Jimmy Butler Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Speaking on a conference call with reporters on Friday — the day after an active trade deadline day including Miami trading for Andre Iguodala, but not for Danilo Gallinari — Pat Riley said, “Am I disappointed? Yes, I wanted everything.”

Riley added that Gallinari “would have fit in here really well” but said that “somewhere you have to sort of draw a line in the sand for your team.”

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported Thursday morning that the Heat hoped to sign Gallinari to a contract extension, but wanted to preserve cap flexibility for 2021. Additionally, the Oklahoma City Thunder were rumored to want Miami to remove the lottery protection from their 2023 first-round pick the Thunder own, as well as trade their 2025 pick, in exchange for Gallinari.

In the end, Miami didn’t want to give up that much in future draft prospects for Gallinari, who is on an expiring contract.

Riley said that trading Justise Winslow “was the most difficult part.” Despite missing all but 11 games this season, Winslow offered value for the Heat as a jack-of-all-trades — someone who could direct the offense, defend multiple positions and shoot 3s (he shot 37.5 percent on 3.9 attempts per game last season).

And the Heat may not be done tinkering with the roster. Riley said that Miami may pursue a big man up front to offer rim protection from the buyout market.