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Could Duncan Robinson have another role for Miami Heat?

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Universally respected as a sniper, Robinson has a second untapped talent.

NBA: Miami Heat at Los Angeles Clippers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

After the trading deadline DraftKings Sportsbook NBA futures placed the Miami Heat alongside the Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers with second-best odds to win second place in the Eastern Conference. Sportsbetting AG NBA futures has the Heat tied with 76ers for second. These people don’t chatter casually, but have skin in the game. So how will the Heat improve?

The addition of Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder and Solomon Hill shakes up the Heat rotation for the stretch run after the NBA All-Star Game. The new arrivals bring their own unique skill sets and might affect the roles of the incumbents. One such permutation could be using Duncan Robinson as a shooting guard on occasion.

Among qualified players Robinson tops 259 of them as a Pick & Roll Ball Handler with 1.55 points per possession and 100 percentile. The tweet below shows his chemistry with Bam Adebayo as Bam rolls to the rim.

Although a bang-bang set, Robinson reacts quickly and decisively on the play. Ball handler may not be the correct term for Robinson since his handle is always an adventure. Pick and roll facilitator may apply better in his case.

Besides Adebayo’s 1.20 PPP as a Roll Man, the team’s other men going to the rim effectively are Chris Silva 1.67 PPP, Derrick Jones Jr. 1.46 PPP, Meyers Leonard 1.34 PPP. Miami’s most often used P&R Ball Handlers are Jimmy Butler 0.87 PPP and Goran Dragic 0.97 PPP. Using the best combo could improve the results.

In Miami’s loss to the Sacramento Kings Robinson lead all Heat players with six assists (video link), which was highly unusual. Though maligned for his defense, All-Stars such as Trae Young or Kemba Walker aren’t much better on that end. Hopefully Robinson will get credit for what he can do, rather than overly criticized for what he can’t.

Since Iguodala, Crowder and Hill are listed as small forwards, Robinson could slide into the shooting guard role when Jimmy Butler acts as a nominal point guard. So where does that leave Kendrick Nunn and Tyler Herro? That’s the beauty of this season’s Miami Heat - their ability to adapt for maximum results.

Erik Spoelstra can present so many looks by the Heat during a game. For instance the zone has outlived most of its usefulness after the front 41 games figuratively speaking. Now Spoelstra can surprise the enemy with man-to-man coverage on the back 41 with a revised roster. Seems like tinkering, but it’s optimizing using what Pat Riley put together.