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Miami Heat has its own Logo Man in Kelly Olynyk since All-Star break

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The Heat has busted out with a stunning barrage of 3-point scoring to put NBA on notice.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Miami Heat built their identity on defense. Actually other teams should be worried about defending against the Heat. And Duncan Robinson isn’t the only scoring threat in town.

Kelly Olynyk could be Miami’s version of the Logo Man who makes shots from way past the 3-point line. NBA stats for attempts from 25 to 29 feet out, since the NBA All-Star Game, has Olynyk as the clear winner on marksmanship with a minimum of 20 attempts or more.

  • Kelly Olynyk, 80 FG%
  • Shake Milton, 68 FG%
  • Terrence Ross, 56 FG%
  • Duncan Robinson, 46 FG%
  • Kendrick Nunn, 46 FG%
  • Goran Dragic, 42 FG%
  • Damian Lillard, 38 FG%
  • Trae Young, 26 FG%

Lillard and Young have deservedly built solid reputations for their 3-point shooting, but since the All Star break Olynyk has been on a tear on a limited number of attempts. When asked about his success he said long-range shots feel like uncontested ones. At practically 7’ tall that makes sense since most defenders will be height restricted.

At the other end of the range Derrick Jones Jr. leads all NBA players with an 85 FG% on FGA within 5 feet of the rim (min 30 tries). His teammate Robinson isn’t too far behind by going 8 of 10 at the rim.

The spacing possibilities seem very intriguing for the team. Between Bam Adebayo driving to the rim, Olynyk, Robinson, Nunn waiting 27 feet out, or Jones Jr. and Adebayo lurking around rim, indecision on the the opposition’s defenders seems inevitable.

So far Olynyk seems reluctant to become a gravitational force 28 feet out, i.e. willing to settle for 2-point “Kelly Keepers.” Looking to numbers though, Miami’s ability to space the floor could pay big dividends. One note though: timing has to be impeccable to limit giving away points on turnovers.