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Duncan Robinson is about to smash three-point records

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The Miami Heat’s all-time three record will be his soon, but there is more to come.

2020 NBA All-Star - Saturday Night Presented by State Farm Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Duncan Robinson is on a historic streak shooting three-pointers for the Miami Heat.

After last night’s burst of 9 three-pointers, Robinson is on the verge of breaking the Miami Heat’s franchise record for most three pointers in a season. He has 225, and the record is 227 by Wayne Ellington. Robinson has 20 games left in the season.

So he is more than likely going to smash that record.

In fact, he is on pace to make about 297 threes this season (he averages 3.6 3PM). That would land him 5th on the All-Time 3PM in a season. Paul George’s 292 3PM from 2018-19 season is currently 5th.

So...he isn’t a secret anymore...he’s actually not just landing on the Heat’s record books, but in NBA record books. Although he does have some competition because James Harden currently has 261 three-pointers made this season.

Robinson is also about to break to record for most 3PM by an undrafted player (225 by Damon Jones in 2004-05). He’s about to break the record for most 3PM by a player in his second season (226 by Kyle Korver in 2004-05).

All of that to say that he is going to set the mark for shooting.

And all of that to say, Duncan really likes the three-point line. So much so that 505 of his 574 FGA are from three. That’s 88%. And the crazy thing about it all is that teams know least the good ones.

The Milwaukee Bucks made it their entire game-plan to keep Robinson from getting open threes. That’s not easy because he has become masterful at moving without the ball — looking like Ray Allen or Reggie Miller moving off screens looking for the right space. Bam Adebayo has worked tirelessly with Duncan on the dribble-screen handoff, and Robinson has nearly perfected the gather and two-step set to get enough room.

But not everyone pays that close attention to him. And he makes them pay. “If you took a poll on NBA players and asked who Duncan Robinson was coming into training camp, I would say probably 70% of the league didn’t know who he was,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. If they don’t know, now they know.

He doesn’t need more room, time, or proximity to the basket to get his shot off. Check out the highlights of his barrage from last night.

He’s good. Really good. And he doesn’t just make a lot, but he shoots at a near 45% clip — which is the best for any of the top 15 players in 3PM this year. Harden, who makes 4.6 3PM per game, shoots near 36%. Buddy Hield, who has 229 3PM this season, shoots near 43%. Duncan is automatic.

And it’s been really good for the Heat to have someone that takes so much attention and detail to stick to because it gives space to Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo to do what they need to do.

He appeared in only 15 NBA games last season, making only 10 threes. Now, he’s a game away from Miami Heat and NBA history.