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NBA looking to resume season at Walt Disney World Resort

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The league will hold a board of governors call Friday, May 29, which is expected to give more information.

Miami Heat v Orlando Magic Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s looking more likely that the Miami Heat will have a chance to prove how good they are this season.

The NBA has a board of governors call set for Friday, May 29, which is expected to reveal more information about a late July restart of the season. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the league is still uncertain about the regular season and playoff structure to end the season.

Miami entered the March 11 suspension of the season with the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. If the NBA jumped straight to the playoffs, they would hold home-court advantage against the Indiana Pacers. (Of course, that’s assuming the NBA doesn’t change the playoff format.)

The Heat haven’t advanced past the first round of the playoffs since 2016.