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Five fun line-ups for Miami Heat in the new normal of Disney basketball

While practicing in the Magic Kingdom, imagining a few fantasy line-ups might break up the day-to-day routine.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat won’t have Bam Adebayo and Kendrick Nunn up to speed for a while, so who would replace them in the starting five? Goran Dragic might resurrect his place as a starter, but then that’s too obvious. How about having some fun and throwing out what makes sense and have some theme-based opening fives? These won’t work in the real world, but then the Heat are at Walt Disney World after all.

The rules are using only the players on the roster currently cleared to participate since any unforeseen setbacks are impossible to predict.


  • Meyers Leonard, 7’0”
  • Kelly Olynyk, 6’11”
  • Kyle Alexander, 6’11”
  • Chris Silva, 6’8”
  • KZ Okpala, 6’8”

Granted ballhandling and play making would be painful to watch, but at least packing the paint won’t be a problem.


  • Duncan Robinson, 3P% .448
  • Kelly Olynyk, 3P% .432
  • Meyers Leonard, 3P% .429
  • Tyler Herro, 3P% .391
  • Goran Dragic, 3P% .377

Firing away beyond the 3-point ring with total disregard for anything else could result in run-and-gun fireworks.


  • Jimmy Butler, 3.6 deflections per 36 minutes
  • Derrick Jones Jr., 3.1 ditto
  • Chris Silva, 3.0 ditto
  • Andre Iguodala, 2.6 ditto
  • Jae Crowder, 2.5 ditto

What happens with this group on the floor would definitely be hard to predict, so expect the play to have lots of ups and downs.


  • Tyler Herro, 20 y/o
  • KZ Okpala, 21 y/o
  • Kyle Alexander, 23 y/o
  • Derrick Jones, 23 y/o
  • Chris Silva, 23 y/o

What can I say except that youthful energy would rule the day.


  • Andre Iguodala, 36 y/o
  • Goran Dragic, 34 y/o
  • Jae Crowder, 30 y/o
  • Jimmy Butler, 30 y/o
  • Kelly Olynyk, 29 y/o

Sorry for omission of Udonis Haslem. Actually this group as a whole isn’t that old, while still having plenty of veteran savvy if not speed.

In reality Butler and Robinson would have to be included in any starting five as of today. But then skill set and leadership aside, changing some moving pieces could be useful to confuse other team’s carefully constructed game plans under certain conditions. Meanwhile imaging the combinations Erik Spoelstra has available is a fun exercise until the action begins for real.