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Bradley Beal and Jae Crowder tweeted each other. Is it significant?

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Beal will not play in the NBA restart.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Washington Wizards Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

A few days ago, Bradley Beal — who, we should point out here, is not participating in the NBA restart — responded to a Jae Crowder tweet saying, “WE WORKING HEAT NATION.”

A quick scroll at the comments underneath the tweets show Miami Heat fans imploring Crowder to recruit Beal. But does this Twitter interaction mean anything, or is it just friendly banter?

Last July, I asked this same question when the two-time All-Star responded to a Meyers Leonard tweet. And Beal then signed a two-year extension with the Wizards just prior to the 2019-20 season.

OK, so maybe this is nothing. But we do know that Bam Adebayo wore a Beal jersey after a Heat vs. Wizards game March 8. Could something be brewing?

If the Heat want to trade for Beal (or Victor Oladipo, who has also been mentioned in rumors to Miami) this off-season or next season, a potential deal would involve giving up Tyler Herro. Adebayo is off the table. Kendrick Nunn and Duncan Robinson are both old for players of their limited NBA experience, limiting their appeal on the trade market.

How the Heat perform in the “Disney bubble” may help Pat Riley find out who he sees in his team’s future. Does he want to build around Herro (alongside Butler and Adebayo), or does he view him as a trade piece for a superstar — similar to what happened with Caron Butler in the Shaquille O’Neal trade?