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5 Burning Questions heading into the Heat’s 1st Scrimmage

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The Miami Heat will play basketball again Wednesday in their first scrimmage ahead of the NBA restart.

2020 NBA Restart - All Access Practice Photo by Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images

They are back!

The Miami Heat are about to play basketball again against somebody. Although it will happen in the form of a scrimmage with 10 minute quarters, it’s happening.

The Heat will play the Sacramento Kings on Wednesday at 8 PM EST for their first of three scrimmages ahead of the NBA restart, which will begin on August 1 for them.

So we’ve got 5 burning questions about this scrimmage that we need to talk about!

#1 — Who’s going to play?
And that really comes down to the availability of Kendrick Nunn and Bam Adebayo who have not been with the team for most of their time in Orlando. It seems as though the rest of the roster is healthy and ready to go.

The Kings on the other hand have suffered a bunch of set backs in their practices. Marvin Bagley has been hurt as well as De’Aron Fox. They’ve got other issues they are dealing with.

For Miami, this will be a shortened game, so we may not see a full rotation. And I would also suspect that Nunn and Adebayo are not ready to suit up for action just yet.

#2 — How rusty or in a groove with the Heat be?
This will be true for every team, but we are all curious to know how well they can start. The Heat are filled with younger guys who can get off to quick starts just by being in great shape and being hungry. But will Jimmy Butler take some time to find a shooting rhythm? Will it take a minute to get Herro back into a rhythm after so much time off?

Will they come back and pick up right where they left off? Who knows, but the scrimmage is supposed to give them the chance to find a little bit of that groove before it starts counting.

#3 — What’s it going to be like watching with no fans?
I am really intrigued by this. And I know other sports have started figuring this out, but what will it be like? Are we going to be hearing every profanity on the court? Will we finally get to hear how pathetic it sounds when coaches bark up a referee? Or will they stop that?

Will the players react differently? I do think the Heat are a team that can play and be successful without fans. I can’t think of one player that plays better or really feeds off of a crowds energy. Guys like Joel Embiid may find it less fun...but the Heat are here for business.

#4 — Is Duncan Robinson still automatic?
Because if he is then the Heat will get off to a much better start. Duncan Robinson was in another world shooting the basketball and his shooting helped ease the scoring off of isolation and it also allowed for Miami to space the floor.

If Duncan has lost his groove or can’t get open any more, I think the Heat will struggle. They are good defensively, mostly, but they need to be able to score from different attacks. Let’s see if the scrimmage games show us how automatic Duncan still is.

#5 — What will the return of Leonard and Herro mean for Crowder and Iguodala?
This may not be a question that will be answered in the scrimmages, but it is a question nonetheless. When the Heat acquired Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala, both Tyler Herro and Meyers Leonard were out with injury. They haven’t played together. Now with everyone healthy, the minutes are an issue.

Leonard was a starter and he should assume that role, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t. And Herro is part of the Heat’s future — he will play unless his defense makes him unplayable in such important games. Regardless, both of those guys are getting on the court, so how much time is left for Iguodala and Crowder. Crowder has played well, and the Heat paid a lot of money to get Iguodala, so they should have a plan for him.

What are your questions heading into the scrimmage time?