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Two players that are vital for the Heat’s success

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Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Olynyk are key factors for a deep playoff run.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Miami Heat Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When both are playing lights out, this Miami Heat basketball team is extremely dangerous, but when they can’t find their groove the team heads south in a hurry. Even though Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Olynyk don’t put up the “All-Star” numbers, they are both the glue to the success of the team.

If the Heat want to continue with a wonderful season, several guys need to produce at a high level even while their bigger stars shine. In particular, these two southpaws will need to sustain the form they displayed before the season shut down in order to lead the Heat to even more success.

Derrick Jones Jr:

We all know that his hops are out of this world, and I mean it. Don’t try to jump with him when he is elevating because you will get ended. However, Jones brings other strong attributes to his game as well. He is a strong finisher in the paint, and has the ability to finish with either his left or right hand. Also, his mid-range game has improved drastically as now he can poke that shot at a consistent rate. On defense, Jones gets after it, being able to read the passing lanes, and he has a strong IQ on the court.

We will see if Derrick has been working on his three-point shot, because that is a part of his game where he can grow substantially. Once the hiatus struck, Jones shot the three-ball at a 27% rate. Hopefully, it should rise as that is going to need to become more in his arsenal as time goes on.

Nevertheless, Derrick Jones is a mammoth piece to the Heat’s success this year in the bubble, and if he is able to consistently produce on both ends of the court the Heat will be looking mighty scary.

Kelly Olynyk:

There is nothing flashy to Olynyk’s game, but he always finds a way to get the job done at a high rate. Before the suspension of the NBA season, Olynyk averaged 7.7 points per game, 4.4 rebounds, in 18.5 minutes per game. He in fact, defiantly has the ability to stretch the floor, and that is where his damage is done. On the defensive side of things, while he may not be the quickest player he is a big body in the paint and can haul in rebounds and take charges.

He’s a huge factor, because even All-Star big man Bam Adebayo needs to rest every once in a while. Kelly is the second guy, right behind Adebayo, but his versatility means Erik Spoelstra can pair him with the Heat’s other big men or have him play the 5. So, if he is able to continue his success and consistency, Bam can keep up with his stellar stats.

Olynyk won’t be the star player on the court, but he is the player who is extremely important to the team’s productivity.

With so much uncertainty for the Heat as the season resumes, Derrick Jones Jr. and Kelly Olynyk can be the ones to step up and help the Heat go deep into the playoffs if they raise their level of play. The stars still need to be able to lead the team, but these two aren’t far behind.