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SB Nation NBA Disney Draft: Miami Heat select Beast with No. 5 pick

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Miami would be instant title contenders with Beast manning the paint.


With NBA teams heading to Orlando and setting up basketball operations within the Walt Disney World Resort, our friends at SB Nation NBA thought it would be fun to sprinkle some magic and have a little fun with their latest mock draft.

SB Nation NBA sites representing teams that will play in Orlando could choose from a huge assortment of all animated Disney characters, so with the No. 5 pick the Miami Heat will be selecting Beast. As both an ideal player that would pay off immediate dividends on the court and help boost their title chances to favored status, Beast also perfectly fits the “Pat Riley/Heat culture” mold.

His enormous ultra-athletic frame alone would be an intimidating presence in the paint, freeing up the Heat’s shooters on one end of the floor while also racking up blocks and rebounds on the other side. Whether he’s paired alongside Bam Adebayo to form a truly fearsome duo or in relief off the bench to boost the second unit, it’s a good problem to have for Erik Spoelstra and his coaching staff to see where he best fits before the games start up.

Just as important as his athleticism, his often-misunderstood personality and his true character within would be a good fit with teammates like Jimmy Butler and Udonis Haslem, and closely mirrors legendary Heat players such as Alonzo Mourning, Keith Askins, and Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Though perceived to be selfish and harsh, among some of his lesser traits, Beast nonetheless would have the heart and passion to quickly become a fan favorite with his hustle and drive.

If Teen Wolf can be so good at basketball, then Beast — whose appearance shares traits with several different animals and mythical creatures — should be a natural on the court. In, ahem, “Beast Mode” he has enhanced agility, speed and strength that will be a huge advantage over opponents. He’ll need a mouth guard for those dangerous fangs and his infamous temper puts him at risk for technical fouls and ejections, but otherwise his considerable athleticism makes up for any shortcomings he has.

Much like Butler’s search for the right fit in the NBA took him to a good place here in Miami, Beast can also enjoy a similar situation in Orlando with the Heat. But with so many Disney characters to choose from, who would you have drafted instead?